VibeX 95mm 20g BUNDLE PACK

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The Rookie Hooker VibeX Soft Plastic Vibe is a versatile lure, effective in every situation. Fast retrieve from a bait ball, dance across the sea floor or twitch over some flats, the VibeX is the right choice every time.

The VibeX features a lead impregnated head dipped in a pearlescent coating to give those clearer colours an extra touch of flash. Paired with dual treble hooks, this lure is loaded and ready to smash on a multitude of species.

Bundle Pack includes 8 lures:

1 x Earthen
1 x Outlier
1 x White Widow
1 x Redhead
1 x Lime Dash
1 x Striped Sunset
1 x Soda Pop
1 x Gold Digger

Length: 95mm
Weight: 20g